Android & iOS Users

Step 1: Plugin the communication cable to RS485 port on eBox-WiFi device (the green power light will be on)

Step 2: Find your phone settings

Step 3: Go to WiFi settings

Step 4: Connect to the eBox-WiFi device

Step 5: Wait until the WiFi signal appears (IMPORTANT! It may take a while for application authorization, please be patient)

The green link light will be on after connected successfully to your phone.

Step 6: Open the Application (the name of the application might be different)

Step 7: Select WiFi

Step 8: Wait until the message "Device Connected", now the eBox-WiFi is successfully connected.


Android Users

Please turn off the WLAN+ feature in your phone settings before connecting to the Ebox-WiFi. If you can not find the WLAN+ feature on your phone, please search online for your related phone model.


Step 1: Go to your WLAN settings, and find WLAN+ feature.

Step 2: Check if you WLAN+ feature turned on (Default).

Step 3: Turn off the WLAN+ feature.

Step 4: Try to connect to your eBox-WiFi device again.

iOS Users

Please turn on the WLAN or WLAN & Cellular Data feature in your phone settings for the EP-01 application.

* Works for the iOS version 12.4.1 or lower


Step 1: Go to your phone settings and find EP-01 application

Step 2: Enter Wireless Data setting

Step 3: Select WLAN or WLAN & Cellular Data